Control over data as key to permissionless innovation

Ruben Verborgh, Ghent Universityimec

Beyond Data Event, 28 March 2019

Control over data as key to permissionless innovation

Ruben Verborgh

Ghent University – imec

Let’s redefine the relation between people, apps, and data.

By taking control of our data flow, we take control of our choices.

Privacy is nothing but a byproduct of sustainable innovation.

©2018 Skyler King

The Web strives to be universal
through independence of many factors.

©2008 Lucélia Ribeiro

The Web brings freedom of expression
to everyone across the world.

©2012 Luke McKernan

The Web brings permissionless innovation
at a global scale.

©2012 SparkFun Electronics

Permissionless innovation has brought
unprecedented creativity to the world.

Our data has become centralized
in a handful of Web platforms.

Within the walled gardens of social media,
you have to move either data or people.

© David Simonds

The current massive centralization
hurts diversity, innovation, and choice.

Solid is about choice.

The Solid ecosystem enables people to pick the apps they need, while
storing their data wherever they want.

People control their data, and share it
with the apps and people they choose.

©2007 plien

People choose where they store
every single piece of data they produce.

They can grant apps and people access
to very specific parts of their data.

Separating app and storage competition
drives permissionless innovation.

Solid is not a company or organisation.
Solid is not (just) software.

[the Solid logo]

Solid is transitioning from research project
into an ecosystem backed by a start-up.

We aim to bring the Solid experience
to people all over the world.

start of Solid at MIT
Oct 2018
launch of Inrupt
Jan 2019
developer toolkit & common UX
early 2019
MVP of the ecosystem
you become involved? 😉

The road ahead is promising but uncertain,
yet there are 3 important drivers.

Will we lose access to customers’ data
we need for analytics?

What should we do if
we are not collecting data anymore?

There will not be less data.
There will be more.

Consider an example of retailers
and customer loyalty cards.

Several companies don’t want
to store customer data anymore.

The best way to predict
the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay
[photo of Alan Kay]
©2008 jeanbaptisteparis

The best way to invent
the future is to predict it.

John Perry Barlow
[photo of John Perry Barlow]
©2007 Joi Ito

My team at Ghent University–imec is
always looking for industry collaborations.

Please talk to me if you want to collaborate,
or if you can connect me to someone in your network.

Control over data as key to permissionless innovation

Ruben Verborgh

Ghent University – imec